Day 1: Mornings

This post brought to you while sitting outside, sipping coffee, and watching the sun rise.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a shameless confession to make:
I am a morning person.
I absolutely love mornings, and have for as long as I can remember.
As young as 5 or 6 years old, I remember my parents having to set a limit as to how early I could get up and play piano during the summers (6:00) – and you could put money on me being at the piano within minutes of the clock chiming (or cooing – we had one of those bird clocks).
There’s just something so settling about mornings – getting up before the world is awake, going outside, watching the stars, hearing the birds sing, the crickets chirp, and the frogs croak, seeing the first colors of day break into the brilliant hues of dawn.  Maybe going for a run – feeling a cool breeze, letting the miles slip by in the darkness.  Embracing the newness of the day – the endless possibilities that await.  Finding comfort in the stillness and the silence.
Yes, mornings are my favorite.
In addition to all the other wonderful opportunities afforded by mornings, these hours provide a perfect time to sit down and reflect on life… aka blog.  As you can hopefully tell by the blog name and post title, today is the first day of my 100 day blogging challenge (100 Days of Hannah).  Quarantine is a challenging time for many, but also provides a perfect time to face some challenges head on – simply to say “I did it.”  This challenge was inspired by Kev Quirk (@[email protected]), and passed along to me by my older brother who is also completing the challenge (link to his blog here).
So, what can you expect for the next 100 days?
Honestly, I’m not sure – there is no specific criteria for the challenge, except to complete a post every day.  From that point, some days it may be a thought that I had during the day.  Other days it might be a song that I’m currently obsessed with.  Still others, it may be a funny story, a life lesson, or simply a random memory.  Whatever the day holds though, it will be 100 days of 100% Hannah.
In addition to the content, I’m planning on posting a photo every day – either of something from that day, or something that is related to the topic of choice – as well as asking a question for anyone reading this to comment on, and posting one challenge to be attempted that day.
So, without further ado:
Question of the day: Are you an early-riser or a night-owl, and why?
Challenge of the day: Knock one thing off your to-do list that you’ve been putting off. (I finally got rid of my Christmas tree 😅)
Photo of the day:

Til tomorrow: May your coffee be hot, your morning be calm, and your day be blessed.


One thought on “Day 1: Mornings”

  1. Hi Hannah! Found your post through the 100Days blog roll and thought I'd comment since you put a question out there – I've always been a night owl (it's 12 AM as I write this), but for the sake of adulthood, I've been trying to get up consistently at 8:30 🙂

    Here's to finishing the 100 days (and maybe more)! Stay safe 😀

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