Day 2: Why Write?

This post brought to you from my favorite yoga mat on the floor of my apartment – and an unintentionally non-black cup of coffee.

Happy Sunday and Day 2 of #100daysofblog (also known as #100daystooffload)!
First off, thank you to everyone who commented, liked, and promoted yesterday’s post.  I never expected the initiator of this challenge (@[email protected]) to read my words – let alone share them with others.  After all, I’m just Hannah.
Which, I think, is the beauty of blogging: anyone can do it.
My journey with blogging started back in June of 2013 when, on the first day of summer, I decided to try my hand at public expression for the first time.  My love for writing though started much much earlier.  Before I learned how to write letters and words, I remember scribbling “stories” and “notes” in the little notebooks that my parents gave me.  In Kindergarten, I wrote and illustrated stories to document my adventures with friends.  In second grade, I wrote a 20 page story for what the other students averaged as a 2-3 page assignment.  (Consequently, I had page limits encouraged through high school.)  And it didn’t stop there, because the more I wrote, the more my love for writing grew.
But why? Why write?
For me, writing is cathartic – it allows me to express the thoughts and feelings that my introverted self would otherwise bottle up inside – to be heard, without having to say a word.
It was this desire to be heard that first brought me to the world of blogging.  The catch? As much as I wanted to be heard, I was terrified of anyone actually hearing me.  And so, for three years, I wrote under a pseudonym, allowing me to shout into the void of the interwebs with anonymity.
It was glorious.
Obviously, my life and blogs have changed over the past 7 years, and while I am amazed at the evolution that has taken place, I am simultaneously intrigued by all that has remained the same.
Like the fact that I’m still afraid to be seen, afraid to be heard.
Afraid that someday, as I shout into the void, another’s voice will call back.
But still I write.
Because I believe in the power of the written word.
Because writing gives a voice to those who may otherwise never find theirs.
Because this infinite combination of letters and words creates communities and cultures, even when the world is torn apart.
And ultimately, because in between these spaces, I’m free to be me.
Til tomorrow: May your words be empowered, your story be sacred, and your voice be heard.
PS: I promised questions, challenges and photos, so here goes.
Question of the day: How do you express yourself?
Challenge of the day: Be vulnerable! Find something you’re afraid to say, and say it anyway.
Photo of the day:

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