Day 7: Binge

This post brought to you by a successful binge watch of an embarrassing number of episodes of Chuck and frankly too little exercise.


Thought of the evening: why do we binge? Why do we lose control?  What are we looking for that we hope to find in an alternate reality?

If I’m honest, I probably know why I’m binge watching this show.. and really why I binge on anything.

It’s an attempt to fill a void.  Every single time.

But filling voids? That’s hard work.
And so, instead, I choose to take the easy way out.
Hoping to find what is missing in another’s (imagined) reality.
Even when I already know that this escape will never satisfy.

Still, it’s a good thing shows don’t last forever.

Til tomorrow: may your characters live, your plots thicken, and your reality satisfy


Question of the day: What do you find yourself binging on?
Challenge of the day: Make a TV limit and stick to it!
Photo of the day: My standing desk set up before the binging started.

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