Day 12: Memories (Part 1)

This post brought to you by sunny days and sore feet.

On the 12th day of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload…

I guess we’re gonna talk about memories.

With it being Teacher Appreciation Week, several of my high school teachers posted on Facebook, asking former students to post what they were doing with their lives, along with a favorite memory with that teacher.  It was admittedly sort of fun to see what everyone remembered from the time – so fun, in fact, that I thought I’d take a blogging trip down memory lane.

Here goes!

Now, where to start…

One of my earliest memories was eating animal crackers while sitting in a canoe at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in South Carolina.  I remember that we couldn’t walk on the grass because of the fire ants.

Still in early childhood, I remember many excursions with my older brother.  One of my favorites was going down to the ditch/out in the field behind our house on a very muddy day, and getting so caked in mud that I had to take my shoes off (because they were too heavy for me to walk in).  My brother carried me back to the house on his back.

Around the same time, one day after a particularly heavy snow, I decided to jump out of the bathroom  window onto the drift by the house.  Dad helped, so it was okay.

I remember one of my favorite batches of kittens being born in the hollow tree behind our house. There was a tiny crack that we could peek in and see the kittens through.  So much fun.

I remember being one of two youngest grandkids, and staying at Grandma’s house (with my barely younger cousin) while all the other grandkids were at school and our parents were out.

I remember Kindergarten and being yelled at for cutting the heart out wrong for our Valentine’s Day project.

In first grade, my favorite memory was the math Grand Prix, where we had timed tests, and little cars on the walls showing who was doing the best in math.   I think it was then that I first came to love numbers.

For second grade, I remember writing my first long stories, and loving to listen to my teacher read to us. My favorite story at that time was Trumpeter of the Saw.

Third grade was one of my favorite years.  I remember being in the classroom at the very top of the old building.  It was that year that we started Vanguard and learned to type (one of my first significant experiences with computers).  We worked with skimmers. I was in the top 5 of AR.  It was my first, and last, year at Farmer before the school was torn down.

For fourth grade, we transitioned to the new school.  I missed the old building, but loved my teacher, so that made it better. It was this year that I was taught to journal and introduced to poetry.

Fifth grade was… something.  I got in trouble more often and struggled to get along with teachers and peers alike.  It was this year, however, that we started band, I discovered The Phantom of the Opera, and the accelerated math program was initiated.  And Bubbly was born. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad.

6th grade… (Not sure why I skipped to numbers there, but hey, it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want.).  Painfully non-descript year, with the primary highlight being continued accelerated math.

In 7th grade, I joined a sport for the first time in my life (basketball), and made new friends… also for I think the first time in my life.  I was introduced to the works of Mark Twain, and actually almost enjoyed school.  Oh yeah, this is the year that I quit piano too.

8th grade was  another generally non-descript year.  Basketball and band continued. We did the quiz bowl thing (I guess I’d been doing that for a while). Yay.

Freshman year, take one.  Oh goodness… This was the year that I learned to recite the alphabet backwards during Geometry.  Still have it memorized ‘til this day.  In band, I was allowed to teach myself trumpet for marching.  And in concert, we played Pirates – which was, I think, my favorite piece in all 4 years of high school.  This was my first, and only year at school with my older brother. I think it was this year that our games of name that tune were introduced. I also joined track this year – and loved it.  Being in the relays, I felt like I (almost) belonged for once.

Sophomore year, take one was… not my favorite.  Let’s not discuss that.

Junior year, take one: Defined by… calculus, chemistry, and high jump.  I also think this was the year that one of my teachers told me (to my face) that I would only be happy if I was barefoot and pregnant.  For the record, I’m still barefoot and definitely not pregnant.

Senior year, take one, actually wasn’t half bad.  It was highlighted by… band, new friends, and choir. Oh yeah, and all the fun excursions that we got to go on by being seniors.  And my awesome group of lunch buddies.  And Ayn Rand.  And a stellar senior piano recital.

Woah, this is looking to be a long post if I keep going with next 9 years.  I think I’ll cut it here for tonight.  Tune in some other night for Memories Part 2.

‘Til tomorrow: may your moments be memorable, your journey meaningful, and your memories magical.

(Sorry, that was even cheesier than normal… I was trying to fit a theme…)


Song of the Day: Our Song – Taylor Swift (because this was one of the first TS songs that I heard when I was introduced to her music freshman year)
Question of the Day: What are some of your favorite memories?
Challenge of the Day: Try to come up with at least one memory for every year of your life – and share it with the people that you made the memories with!
Photo of the Day: SUN!

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