Day 13: Unplanned

This post brought to you by a late workout and too many thoughts.

I feel like I’m starting the second line of all these posts essentially the same.  I don’t like that.
I guess Day 13 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload is a good time to realize that, right?

Oh well.

It’s sort of funny.  As I go through each day, I often think – “oh, that could be a good blog topic for te day” – but when I get to actually writing the post, the ideas just don’t feel right.  And so, while there are countless topics spinning around in my head, I remain at a loss for words.

I think that’s honestly one of the parts I like most about this challenge.
With #100DaysofHannah, I aim to put forth 100 days of authentic, minimally filtered Hannah.
Which means presenting my thoughts in real time as I am writing, rather than planning out my posts.

I think that sums up my life pretty succinctly – unplanned.

Most days, I’m okay with unplanned, being too busy living in the moment to care.
But, some days unplanned makes me wonder: what am I really doing?
Am I going anywhere?
Is this, whatever this is, really worth it?
Why? What’s the point?

Which probably sounds bad… but that’s okay.
I’m okay with how it sounds.
Because, at least to me, it’s the wrestling with the hard things that makes us strong.
It’s the questioning that brings answers.
It’s the seeking that finds.

And so, for tonight, I’ll savor sitting here – searching in silence.

‘Til tomorrow: may your questions be answered, your purpose clear, and your mind stilled.


Song of the Day: Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots
Question of the Day: What gives you purpose?
Challenge of the Day: Try meditating for 3-5 minutes
Photo of the Day: The moon this morning was incredible 🌖

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