Day 19: Mission

This post brought to you by a day of brainstorming, too much caffeine, and inevitably too little relevant work.

Facebook says it’s Day 19 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload, so I guess I’ll believe it.  I honestly have no idea what day of the week, month, or year it is, so how I’m supposed to keep track of what day of this blogging challenge it is is a mystery to me.
In any case…
This morning, my older brother alerted me to a change to the blogging challenge, as described by Kev Quirk in his post “Over-saturation”.
The gist?  Rather than blogging for 100 consecutive days, why not blog for 100 days over the course of a year? (Yielding approximately 2 posts a week, or a post every 3.5 days.). This change would serve to improve post quality, while still maintaining an improved blogging habit and consistency of content creation.
This concept was admittedly tempting, as it would allow for those off days where I have nothing productive to say.  However, after some consideration, I have decided to continue attempting to blog for 100 consecutive days, but with a slight twist.
I completely agree with Kev that posting all the time leads to over-saturation and decreased content quality.  For this reason, it is my goal to have two substantial (whatever that means) posts per week that I will more actively publicize, alternated with otherwise daily content that will appear on this blog only.
With this in mind, I decided to reassess my goal for this blog.
Initially, it was created for the single purpose of completing a challenge – which is fine.
However, producing content simply for the sake of checking it off a list (for me) provides little incentive to create meaningful content.
What’s meaningful?
This will obviously differ for each of us. For me, though, the most meaningful content that I can create (on my personal blog) will encourage, entertain, inspire, or initiate (thought/conversation), promoting a culture of community and an atmosphere of growth.
Interested?  Y’all know where to find me for the next 81 days!
‘Til tomorrow: be awesome.
Song of the Day: Implicit Demand for Proof – Twenty One Pilots
Question of the Day: Working from home vs going to the office – what do you prefer?
Challenge of the Day: Think outside the box!
Photo of the Day: Because it’s one of the only pictures I took all day…

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