Day 20: Napping

Is today day 20?  Yeah, that sounds right. Happy Day 20 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.

This late(ish) post brought to you by apparent exhaustion.

Okay, y’all, so, I may have just woken up from a nap.
It’s 10:30p, you say?
Yes, yes it is. What’s your point?

For those of you who are only accustomed to a life of mid-afternoon naps, I’d like to introduced the revolutionary concept of pre-bed naps.

What are they?
As the name implies, they are naps that you take right before bed.
This concept was first introduced to me by my parents.  As the story goes, in the first several years of their marriage (aka, pre-kiddos), my mom would often complain to my dad that she was tired in the early evening, but lament that it felt too early to go to bed.  My ever-logical dad would always respond with “why not take a nap, then when it’s over, you can get up and go to bed”

And so, the pre-bed nap was born.

According to my parents, I was always that kid who, if tired, would simply go to bed/fall asleep.  While I’m sure there was a short time where this didn’t hold true (think the stubborn middle/early high school years), it’s been my primary claim to family fame.  As such, it’s no wonder that I remember falling in love with pre-bed naps in late high school.  Many a night, I remember asking my older brother to turn on a movie in the early evening, just so I could have the excuse to curl up on the couch and fall asleep.  Eventually, I dropped the movie requirement, and simply started telling my family anywhere between 7p and 9p, “I’m tired guys. I’m gonna go take a nap,” and heading to the couch to sleep until a reasonable time to go to bed.

Fast forward to pretending to be an adult.
Pre-bed naps are still my favorite.  Many nights after work, I find myself exhausted in the early evening.  Without missing a beat, I curl up on my futon and pass out until the wee hours of the morning, when I decide to pry myself off the couch and climb the stairs to bed.

That’s almost exactly what happened this evening.
Except, when I woke up to check the time and roll over, I realized that I still needed to blog, finish my workout, and clean the kitchen.

So, here I am.

‘Til tomorrow: happy napping!


Question of the Day: Would you take a pre-bed nap?
Challenge of the Day: Listen to your body and sleep when you need it!
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