Day 22: NTT

Disclaimer: I was really excited to go to bed after finishing tonight’s round of name that tune… And then I realized that I hadn’t completed a #100DaysofHannah/#100DaystoOffload post.  So, here I am.


Day 22

Name that tune is probably one of my favorite parts of the quarantine life.
For the last… monthish, we’ve been getting together 1-2 times/week (via Zoom) to test our musical memories.  Between funny faces, outlandish guesses, and the sheer variety of musical selections, there is rarely a dull moment.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to see everyone without the necessity of smalltalk or the incessant questioning of life changes (of which there are almost always none.)

At this point, we’re over 815 songs in – which is a lot of songs to try to guess before the chorus comes around.  Tonight was probably the toughest night yet.  We’re getting past the commonly known songs from most of our favorite artists, so the playlists are constantly becoming more obscure.  This round was, consequently, the closest round to date – with only 4 points separating first and second place (there’s a point for song and album, with a bonus for artist.  My brother, the playlist maker, gets these points if noone else can guess them in a reasonable time.)  No, we’re not competitive at all.

It’s these times that make me increasingly grateful for the technology that keeps us close – even when we’re far away.

Okay, I think that’s enough.
Night y’all.


Question of the Day: Do you have any games that you’ve started playing with family or friends?
Challenge of the Day: If you’re not already doing it – find a game or a quiz to play to connect with the people you can’t hang out with!
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