Day 26: Reading

Well, we’re officially over 1/4 of the way through #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload!

Welcome to Day 26!
I’ve had about six different ideas floating through my head today as to what to discuss in today’s blog (since I so miserably failed at blogging the last couple of days), and I’m still not really sure which one to pick.  Too bad I can’t put out a realtime poll to ease decisions.  Oh well…
This morning, one of my best friends recommended a book to read, which got me thinking about reading in general.
Y’all, I suck at reading.
Which, is honestly sorta funny considering how much I love to write, and how much I appreciate the written word.
It’s not that the physical act of reading is particularly difficult for me, or even that I struggle with reading comprehension – I’ve been blessed to have both of those come pretty naturally.
I just don’t really read.
This hasn’t always been the case by any means.  As a child, I absolutely loved to read (refer to my Memories (Part 1) post), and can remember getting up before school and lying on the couch with a book to my nose (gotta love that uncorrected myope life) on many a morning.
At some point in late high school or early undergrad though, that died.
Maybe I was just burned out.
Maybe I stopped being willing to sit for hours at a time.
Maybe I learned to love living in the present, rather than running to another’s world.
Maybe I just got busy.
Who knows.
Admittedly, I can’t say that I really miss it.
I’m not someone who looks forward to curling up with a book and coffee on cold rainy days.
Or hot sunny summer days.
That’s just not me.
But, some days, I still love a good read for all the wonders that books have to offer.
Some days, it’s the characters that I fall in love with.
Others, it’s the philosophies.
Some days, it’s the life lessons.
Others, it’s the irony.
Today?  Today, it was the sheer brilliance of the creation.
And the willingness of someone to share it with me.
No, I don’t read often.
But, maybe I should.
Because maybe, through someone else’s words, a connection can be formed from across the world.
‘Til tomorrow: happy reading!
Song of the Day: I Don’t Care
Question of the Day:  What’s one of your favorite books, and why?
Challenge of the Day: Start (and finish?) a new book this week!
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