Day 29: Recap

This post brought to you by another lovely evening of Name That Tune.

As it would seem that I still haven’t figured out how to plan my days more wisely, this Day 29 of #100DaysoHannah and #100DaystoOffload will be yet another simple recap.
It was a scorcher today.
Last night, I decided to skip my alarm, in favor of having one day a week dedicated to sleeping in.  When I woke at 6, I started getting ready for my morning walk/run routine, when I glanced at the temperature – 78 degrees.
Though this may have been the coolest part of the day, I’ve been out on enough 80 degree, 90% humidity mornings to know that they’re really not all that refreshing – the walk would wait until after breakfast, coffee, a podcast, and devotions.
For the podcast this morning, I decided to dig into the Authentic You archives, where I stumbled on an episode about comparisons.  Great food for thought – maybe even worth a blog post later.
The rest of the morning slipped by in a blur of walking, chores, and snacks.
This afternoon, I admittedly spent wayyy too much time analyzing a potential desk purchase.  I’m not used to buying even modestly priced items (four years of grad school will do that to you), so I tend to get analysis paralysis pretty frequently.  Around 3:00 though, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger.  Here’s to hoping I like the result!
The rest of the afternoon was spent working out (aka training for my first Murph!) and researching not entirely random diseases.
I think tomorrow I need a to-do list.
In any case, Happy Saturday, y’all.  I hope it was great!
Question of the Day: How do you escape analysis paralysis?
Challenge of the Day: Try to guess 20 songs (title, artist, and album) within the first 30 seconds!
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