Day 32: Talking

This post brought to you by a long day of work and a beautiful evening.

Day 32 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload…. what to talk about today?
So, while contemplating life this morning and reviewing on the happenings of yesterday, I realized something:
I’m not sure I know how to carry on a conversation in person anymore.
Okay, so that’s a little bit dramatic.
And it doesn’t account for my baseline level of awkwardness and general conversational failures.
But I think there’s really something to it.
I’ve become so accustomed to silence that, when in the (infrequent) presence of others, I don’t think to make extra effort to carry on a conversation, and so, rather than actively trying to think of questions to engage the other individual, I am content to simply enjoy the presence of other humans.
Which, when typed out, actually sort of sounds like a good thing.
However, in practice, it’s probably a little weird.
Because it ends up looking like a massively one-sided conversation that has the potential to unintentionally convey disinterest.
And often involves me laughing or making faces, in lieu of remembering to respond how normal people do.
Such is the life of an awkward introvert.
In other news:
  • I wore my glasses all day for the first time in like 3 years today!  My left eye was bugging me last evening/this morning, so rather than irritating it more with contacts, I figured I’d try to tolerate the specs.  Pros: Less irritation and better central clarity than I had remembered.  Cons:  Disorienting peripheral motion, frames getting in my way, excessive blur outside of the limited spec width, and an improperly adjusted right temple.
  • My desk came! And is officially installed. Whoop!
  • I didn’t really do anything according to my normal daily schedule – and it was okay.
‘Til tomorrow,
Song of the Day: Great Assembly
Question of the Day: How are your conversation skills holding up with quarantine?
Challenge of the Day: Give your eyes a break – decrease the near work, wear your specs, just close your eyes for a couple minutes of meditation- whatever works best for you!
Photo of the Day: 

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