Day 33: Binomials

Well, another day has somehow passed us by, which means it’s time for yet another blog post.  Welcome to Day 33 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.

Today’s topic?

Thrilling, right?

In life, it’s easy to try to classify things into a binomial nomenclature.
Things are black or white.
Information is true or false.
People are right or wrong.
Or any of the other million dichotomies that could be listed.

But, from my experience, this depiction of life is far from accurate.
The gray zone? It’s real.
Information – it can have a grain of truth, or an ounce of fiction.
And we as humans? We can be right and wrong at the same time.

Put simply, life is complex.
Life is not binomial.

And classifying it as such, while simple, leads to significant errors in our judgement.

Recently, I’ve been seeing the non-dichotomy of life play out in several arenas.

First: COVID-19.
As a member of the healthcare community, who has been blessed to maintain employment during the shutdown, it’s been easy to stand on the pro-quarantine side of the argument, and wish for my state leaders to take the risks of an early opening more seriously.
But, as I’ve been frequently reminded in talking to those who have a greater understanding of the economic effects of these last 2.5 months, there is a strong argument for necessary re-opening..
Which one is right?  Both. (Link to awesome podcast that I stumbled across talking about this)

Second: Politics
I hate politics.
There – I said it.
I was exposed to the divisive nature of politics at an early age, while sitting at family get-togethers and hearing extended family members getting into heated discussions regarding their views.  Being the (moderately) conflict averse child that I was, I vowed never to care enough about politics to let them so bitterly poison my life.
With age, however, I’m beginning to realize that this approach is just as harmful.
Because sitting idly by and watching injustices continue initiates no more change than fully supporting the policies themselves.
What does this look like in practice? Not a clue..

Third: personal life.
I’m not sure how to introduce this one, so I guess I’ll just dive in.
The non-binomial status of life seems to show itself daily in my personal life.
Despite my introversion, external input keeps me out of my head.  Its volume quiets the deafening silence.
In my ambition, I know laziness.
Successes are tempered by failures.
I am forced to employ logic while embracing emotion.

I’ll admit, it’s hard for me to embrace this lack of dichotomy.
Because, despite my argument for the gray zone of life, there’s simplicity in the temptation of a world of black and white.
And there’s comfort in the boundaries of Newtonian reality.

But this is not the world in which we live.
Rather, like Schrodinger’s cat, we exist in a constant state of duplicity, promoting frighteningly beautiful complexity.

What a wonderful world.

‘Til tomorrow,


Question of the Day: What’s your take? Is life black and white, or gray?
Challenge of the Day: Learn a new word
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