Day 39: Home

It’s late, and I really should probably be going to bed in an attempt to catch up on some much needed sleep… but it’s Day 39 of #100DaystoOffload and #100DaysofHannah, so blog I must.

Especially because today is my favorite day of the year.
This past year has been one of many firsts for me, and as I begin this new revolution around the sun, I suppose it was fitting for yet another first to come – my first time spending my favorite day away from home.
I won’t lie, it’s felt a little weird.
With the passing of this day though, it feels fitting to finally discuss a topic that is close to my heart – home.
Growing up, I thought that home was simply the place where I had grown up – the fields, the barns, our house.
I loved home.
And, as such, was often afraid to leave, for fear that something would happen to the place I so dearly loved.
I don’t rightfully remember how long that lasted, or what happened to change my view of home, but over the years, home has come to mean so much more.
Home is my family – our laughter, our jokes, our love.
Home is the safety of friends who know and love me, no matter who or where I am.
Home is the language of the adopted families who so graciously let me in.
Home is sunsets at waters edge, a warm summer’s breeze, the night song of nature..
Home is siting in silence, alone with my savior.
And so, though thousands of miles away from the buildings that I love on this second day of June, today, and every day, I am home.
‘Til tomorrow,
Song of the Day: More to Me
Question of the Day: where are you home?
Challenge of the Day: Go. To. Bed.
Photo of the Day: I have pictures, but, for today, they will wait.

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