Day 41: Lights

Huzzah – Day 41 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffoad.

I was gonna write a serious post tonight, but there’s a lot of (necessary) seriousness in the world right now, and I’m not a serious person (well, at least not socially), so light-hearted it is.
This post brought to you by another one of Hannah’s quirks: lights.
I don’t like lights.
I know, it’s sort of weird.
It’s not that I can’t see with lights (hemeralopia) or that I’m overly sensitive to lights (photophobia) – I just don’t like them.
And, that’s been the case, well, ever since I stopped being afraid of the dark probably around the age of five or six.
I was reminded of my distaste for lights while coming in from an evening walk (which was cut short by the presence of… other walkers. The horror.)
Yes, first there was the strong desire to avoid lights – you can see so much more and be seen so much less in the dark! But… it also probably looks sketchy, so I had modulate this one.
As I got closer to the house though, I was amused by all the lights in all the houses that I walked by, and the contrasting darkness of my own home.
No lights.
No signs of life.
Just empty darkness.
just how I like it.
It’s something that I often forget about in every day life, as I try to keep all of my environments at minimal light levels – my office (when I was at work), my exam room, and of course, my house.
Which, admittedly, can cause problems – especially with patient care… like at the VA, when I was reprimanded daily for 1) the temperature of my room and 2) my exceptionally low lighting conditions (which were not optimal for the potentially low vision patients I was seeking).
Other sub-optimal situations include when visitors come over (which is thankfully rare) and during zoom calls.
However, it means I also have an excuse to use Christmas lights year round, a mild decrease my electricity bill, and little trouble with any form of dark adaptation.
I’d say that’s a win.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Do dogs have gain control to decrease the wind noise while they stick their heads out the window when riding in a car?
Challenge of the Day: Turn off the lights!
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