Day 42: Random (Round 2)

Day 42 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload… what to talk about today?

Hmm… I think it’ll be fun to do a bulleted list of random topics/thoughts.  Enjoy!

  • It’s Friday.  Which, when working from home has significantly less.. significance.  But in any case, the technical end of the work week is here. Huzzah!
  • Organization is really hard. Well, sort of.  As a kid, I loved to organize things – clothes at the store, CDs/DVDs in a bin, my friends’ rooms, my closet.. all the normal stuff.  I think I still, somewhat, like to organize.  But finding a suitable system for continued organization is much harder.  If y’all have suggestions, I’m open to hearing them.  Because my current “organize half of my life every other month”  schedule is sub-optimal.
  • I think I’ve had too much caffeine.  At this point it’s really not an energy thing.  It’s more of a – I can’t focus, my body is fighting everything I do, and my anxiety is spiking – thing, paired with the knowledge that I’m drinking ~12 cups/day.  Because it tastes good.  Guess it’s time to cut back again…
  • It’s bedtime. Because I’m tired of fighting for functionality today… and, supposedly, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.  And all of those things sound lovely
‘Night y’all.
Question of the Day: How do you stay organized (if you are organized)?
Challenge of the Day: Go through a pile – I’m sure you have at least one – and get rid of some of the stuff. Or, at least put it where it’s supposed to go!
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