Day 43: Autopilot

It’s sort of crazy that it’s been 43 days of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload, and even crazier to think that in a week we’ll be halfway done.

As an aside, sorry for those who may be seeing the equivalent of two back-to-back posts.. my older bother alerted me about an hour to an hour and a half ago that I neglected to publish my post from yesterday… Oops!
In any case..
I feel like it’s been harder to write than normal recently.
Maybe that’s due to an uptick at work. Maybe it’s from excessive exhaustion at the end of the day.
Or maybe it’s because it’s been easier to turn my brain off and actively process life.
Just sort of flying on autopilot.
If I’m honest, I hate when I’m on autopilot.  Life loses its meaning and every day is just a repeat of the one before.
But it’s still easy fo me to go there.
Living life trying to recreate the past rather than embrace the future.
Or trying to escape the discomfort of the moment and find at least distraction in some other place.
Which does… nothing.
But I’m too tired to create real thoughts. So I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.
‘Til then,
Podcast of the Day: Jesus Culture Podcast – This episode was incredible.  I’ve got a lot to learn, but so grateful for Dr. Efrem Smith being willing to share his heart and his story with Banning all those willing to listen.
Question of the Day: How often do you fall into autopilot?
Challenge of the Day: Do something that makes you uncomfortable
Photo of the Day: 

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