Day 44: Escape

Day 44 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.  My brain is still fighting meaningful thoughts, so I guess we’ll go with a bit of a recap instead.

Today, admittedly, has felt super unproductive.
I had goals this morning of doing more – maybe trying to finish the paper that has been looming over me for months, or simply catch up on some documentation that I’ve been putting off.
I accomplished NONE of them.
Which isn’t to say that I didn’t do anything today.. I just didn’t do that.
Instead, for the first time since the beginning of quarantine, I left my immediate sphere of home, work, and groceries to venture out into nature.
I had been contemplating the excursion for several days, but finally, after a few hours of debate, decided to pull the trigger
Why all the contemplation?
I was afraid.
Afraid of COVID?  Not so much.
No, I was afraid of the possibility of crowds, paralyzing anxiety, my body giving out on me during the trip.
All the unknowns.
Which is what we’re always afraid of, right?
That’s the nature of fear – looking into the unknown and not being sure what come next.
Being concerned that the future will be dangerous or uncomfortable rather than trusting the one who holds the future (and the past).
For me, fear is easy.
And fighting fears?
That’s hard.
For today, facing my fears meant leaving the comfort of my house and embracing the adventure – come what may.
And you know what?  It was okay.
Yes, there were times of panic.
Yes, there were people.
No, the trip didn’t go as planned.
Yes, I spent the remainder of the day recovering from the exhaustion of heat, humidity, and dehydration.
But I made it through and am able to blog on the other side.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need more sleep.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Where would you escape to?
Challenge of the Day: Find a fear and face it!
Photo of the Day:


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