Day 46: You can tech if you want to…

This early evening post brought to you from my new (and first ever) build!
Happy Day 46 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload!
Okay, so I might be just a little excited about the new build.  This is my first time embracing a non-mobile unit and a Linux based OS, and I’m really enjoying exploring its functionality.  Because, why not?
Admittedly, I’m only a few hours in, but thus far I love it.
Experience thus far:
  • The interface is aesthetically appealing, and as a whole, easy to navigate (though it may help that my older brother is well-versed in the open source community and so can walk me through any difficulties I encounter..)
  • The PC itself is gorgeous.  I am incredibly impressed with System-76’s work… which may have been documented in an unboxing photoshoot..
  • The open-source apps and add-ons that I’ve explored thus far are pretty solid.  My most recent install was Ardour, which I plan on using for all my recording needs.  I’m still missing the audio-interface and midi-controller to complete my set up, but I’m highly tempted to record a simple vocal project this evening to test out the basics of the system (and FINALLY put my mic to good use!)
Other build related thoughts:
  • In a blog a few weeks back, I mentioned making a decision regarding my desk – the first step in this quest towards permanence.  I landed on a simple L-shaped design with a metal frame and a faux-wood surface.  As with the build, I’m pleased with its aesthetics, and have been happy with its performance thus far.
  • Being Hannah, of course a simple desk was not compatible with my preference for at least standing, if not running in place, while working.  As such, I ordered a standing desk converter. Today is my first day truly using it, but its 32″ frame is plenty large to house my monitor and keyboard.  Its height ranges from an additional 4″ to nearly 20″ above my desk, and is adjusted by a pneumatic spring lift.  The keyboard extension is admittedly a little shaky while running in place, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  Nevertheless, I’m please with the addition.
  • I still have yet to figure out how to better arrange my setup.  Previously, I worked primarily with my work laptop and my iPad, which I would sit on various household items to get them to the proper height. The iPad likely will still end up on my desk converter, with the bluetooth keyboard next to my wired one for dual functionality.  However, my preferred standing desk height is not compatible with laptop use.  For the time being, I guess it will just remain on the crate that it’s lived on for the past two weeks.
Non-build related thoughts:
  • In other news, today I completed minor flute surgery to adjust the key placement and allow for better pad contact (there may be a technical term for this… I don’t know what it is), rather than sending it out for a general tune-up (which it probably needs, but I don’t have time for before a tentative recording session). Thus far, it seems to be working significantly better – hopefully the change sticks!
  • I realized this evening how much I miss musical gigs, and just how long its been since I did one.  In undergrad, between jazz combos, solo performances, and pit orchestras, they were relatively frequent. But now, I guess it’s been at least 5 years since my last (unless you count music for family funerals and a friend’s wedding).  That is definitely a downfall of living in the city – there are thousands of people WAYYY more talented than I am in the surrounding area who can fill any musical need available.  Oh well – c’est la vie!
  • This is just a random discovery, but humming can help your sinuses!
Okay, that’s enough for now.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: What are your favorite open source apps to improve quality of life?
Challenge of the Day: Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, HAVE FUN!
Photo of the Day:

PS: My apologies for any wording inaccuracies in this post – tech is NOT my primary (or even secondary language).
Links to any/all of the products (vaguely) referenced here available upon request!
(I think I’ve been doing too many case presentations recently…)
You can see the continuation of this discussion in my next post You can tech if you want to… (Part 2)

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