Day 52: (No) Free Lunch

Day 52 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload
It’s getting late y’all!
Admittedly, I got pretty distracted this evening.  It’s been a couple of days since I got to mess with music, and so, after a full day of work and an hour of CE this evening, though I planned on a successful evening of grading, I got caught up harmonizing instead.
I have a feeling this is going to become a frequent problem…
However, I realized early in the evening that I haven’t even contemplated going back to the TV show I was in the middle of binging for something like 2 weeks – I’m gonna call that a win.
The trade-offs in life are always interesting to look at.
In high-school, I remember my economics teacher frequently telling us that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  There is always a cost, even if it isn’t immediately apparent.
I find this to be most true in relation to time. Every moment that I choose to spend engaged in one activity is time that I cannot dedicate to another.
Which sort of really sucks when you’re someone who wants to do everything
(Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate, considering how much of an introverted home-body I am…)
Recently, I’ve often been feeling like I don’t have enough time – to work out, to spend time with God, to mess with music, to finish other projects, to spend time (primarily virtually) with others, to work out (yes, this repetition is intentional).  It’s long been said though, that you will always make time for what you value.
And so, I’m forced to go back and look at how I’m allocating my time.
Does it mirror what I claim to value?
Or does it show the disparity between my idealistic values and my true priorities?
And if disparity exists, what can I do to bring these two concepts into alignment?
I don’t have all the answers, but I feel like it’s going to come down to margin.
Which may be a conversation for a different day. Who knows.
‘Til tomorrow,
Podcast of the Day: Sibling Summit – Episode 9
Song of the Day: My Eyes – because this seems like a remarkably fitting depiction of society at the present
Question of the Day: What does your time allocation show you about your priorities?
Challenge of the Day: Sing!
Photo of the Day:

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