Day 53: Time

Day 53 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaysofHannah
This post brought to you by yet another long day of work, an evening walk, and super sore feet.
Well guys, I finally worked on that dreaded paper today.
You know, the one that I’ve been saying that I would write for the last… month or so?
I wish I could say that it’s done, but it’s far from it.
Somehow, I’m nearly 20 pages in, and STILL NOT FINISHED.
Which is probably why it’s been so easy to put it off.
Well, that and there are other projects that always take precedence.
Most of them, at least when it comes to work, are because they have to come first.
Papers have to be graded. Charts finished. Presentations prepared.
And if there’s extra time, then there’s this other paper looming in the background.
But, now there’s not much time.
And if I want to enjoy any of the next two weeks, it would probably behoove me to get to writing.
Thinking back to the beginning of quarantine, it’s absolutely crazy how much time I had.
I mean, I was listening to something like 4 optional lectures per day.
Which was awesome… but how in the world did I have so much time?!
How was I able to go on walks (while listening to lectures) and work out (while listening to lectures) multiple times a day?!
How did I have time to binge watch 5 seasons of a show in a matter of weeks?
When now, I’ve started getting up earlier and going to bed later to try to make more time to do what feels like less.
In any case, I have a workout to finish before bed, and I’m getting tired.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Have you noticed a massive schedule change since the beginning of COVID?
Challenge of the Day: Do hard things
Photo of the Day:This adorable pup joined me on my evening walk and ended up following me for over 30 minutes. I don’t know if he/she’s lost or what, and I didn’t bring him/her into the house, but this is the second night seeing him/her around, so if anyone has details, let me know!

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