Day 56: Year One

Happy Day 56 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.
As of today, I have been a Texan for a full year… which is crazy to think about.
A lot has happened since I journeyed from Ohio a year ago…
I struggled to find a house
Finally found one on essentially the last day possible
Moved in at 9 so Dad could fly out at 1p and I could be on another plane by evening
Spent a fantastic weekend with two of my favorite people
Got back at 11p on a Sunday night – just in time to get a few hours of sleep before starting my first day of residency 
Where I met my co-residents…
From there, there was making my house a home
Discovering the beach
Making friends with the people I was paired with most every day
Hours upon hours of patient care
Countless failed plans
A few successful trips
My first major holidays away from home…
Joining a new community
A pandemic with months of quarantine.
Solitude in isolation.
And so much more.
While this past year was nothing like what I anticipated, I’m so grateful for all the people who have made this past year everything that it was.
Life will undoubtedly be changing again soon.  Though, how, God only knows.
It’s easy for me to want to fight those changes – I’m not a fan of good things coming to an end.
For tonight though, I think a quote from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is most fitting:
“All stories, even the ones we love, must eventually come to an end, and when they do, its only an opportunity for another story to begin.”
Here’s to writing your story – one day at a time.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Do you like the beginning or end of books better?
Challenge of the Day: Be willing to let go and embrace change
Photo of the Day: Double rainbow… Right before getting drenched! 

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