Day 59: Undeserved

Day 59 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload brought to you by thoughts and rain.
First things first though:
1) For those paying attention to my numbering, it may look like I skipped a day (from 56 to 58).  Well, I did and I didn’t. Yesterday afternoon I realized when looking at my posts that I repeated day 51.  Oops.
2) I was going to explain this (and write more) in yesterday’s post, but I was super tired early in the evening, and ended up passing out for a few hours. Only to wake up somewhere near 11p and realize that I had yet to blog. So I pried my eyes open, pulled out my phone, wrote… 15 words or less?, removed my contacts, and passed out until morning.
Okay, now we can move on.
This afternoon, I heard someone say “everyone deserves to be loved.”
And while I fully understand what was meant by the words, I can’t help but disagree, because everyone, in fact, does not deserve to be loved.
On the contrary, I would argue that no one deserves to be loved.
*I’ll give everyone who wants to stop reading now a moment to do so*

I’ll say it again – no one deserves to be loved.
But, Hannah, you may be thinking.
I deserve to be loved – I’m a good person.
But, do you? Can you honestly say that you’ve never hurt someone? Can you honestly say that you’ve never made a mistake that, intentionally or not, has caused pain to someone else?
I know I can’t.
But, maybe if not adults – what about children?
Y’all. I love kids – I really do.
But what has a baby done to deserve love? They eat, sleep, cry, puke, poop, and pee.  Are you telling me that these animalistic behaviors call for merit?
And older children – can any amount of cuteness, any cuddles, any sweet comments erase their many painful mistakes and truly earn love?
From my perspective anyway, no, it can’t.
Primarily because love is a gift.
Not a merit.
Love is freely given.
Not earned.
For, love that is earned is simply a token for the winner
Love that is freely given mirrors and defines the giver.
Which can be really hard for me to accept.
I so often want the love I receive to be a reflection of me.
Something I have earned.
Something I deserve.
But when I look to those who love me best, I am forced to see the scene differently.
I do not deserve my parents’ love.
And yet they love me.
I do not deserve my friends’ love.
And yet they forgive me.
I could never deserve the Father’s love.
And yet He calls me His own.
May I daily learn to live and love has He has
How great is the love that the Father has lavished upon us that we should be called children of God – 1 John 3:1
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: How do you minimize distractions?
Challenge of the Day: Sing, sing a song…
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