Day 64: Decisions

Today’s post, for day 64 of #100daystooffload and #100DaysofHannah is brought to you by decisions.

Guys. I don’t like making decisions.
At all.
Mainly because I don’t want my decisions to hurt the people that matter most to me. 
Which makes it hard. 
People often tell me that I should stop worrying about everything else and do what’s right for me. 
But, most often, it feels like what’s best for others is best for me.
Some days though, it’s not. 
I’ve been stuck in trying to make a relatively important decision for somewhere around 3 weeks now. My every intention was to take the option that was most beneficial for the most people.
But after 3 weeks of limbo, over the last few days, I began to question if what I felt was best for everyone else could actually be harmful to me. Stressed, anxious, and distracted, I began to feel like there was no way out of the situation – as every outcome could hurt someone I valued.
Thankfully, as the situation culminated today, there were people in my life who could speak into the chaos, reminding me that it would be okay, regardless of the decision.
As the evening draws to a close, it’s still easy to question if I made the right decision.
But, at last, a decision is made.
And that? That feels good. 
Til tomorrow, 
Question of the Day: How do you know you made the right decision?
Challenge of the Day: Make a decision
Photo of the Day – because my mom takes awesome photos! 

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