Day 67: DONE!

Day 67 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload – I’m. Done.
Well, y’all. Today was my last day of residency.
Not gonna lie, it feels really weird.
And COVID probably doesn’t make it any more normal..
Because instead of seeing patients and saying goodbyes to other residents and giving hugs to the people who I have become closest to over the past year, it just…ended.
I’m not much of an emotions person, so I suppose it makes sense for me to feel all that much in response to the ending of this time.   There were no tears. I felt little relief.  If I’m honest, it doesn’t really feel real yet.
I guess I’ll give that time.
A couple of days with nothing booked will surely drive me crazy in no time.
But, I guess it’ll also give me a chance to write, music, and work out more – which I’ll never complain about.
Here’s to the next chapter and figuring out what in the world I’m doing with this crazy life.
Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Why don’t I feel things when they end?
Challenge of the Day: Play a game.
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