Day 70: Pictures

This day 70 of #100DaysofHannah and #100daystooffload brought to you from my phone, by the sound of fireworks.

Y’all. I really need to learn to blog earlier in the day. Because otherwise I’ll be writing posts as I fall asleep for the next 30 days and never say much of anything.
On that thought, here are some thoughts or quotes from the last couple days:
“don’t be offended, but an orc in Wow has the same hair as you.”
“you look like dog poo”
“today is a good day for looking at clouds and seeing pictures… I just don’t know what they look like.”
Life is weird. One day you’re a doctor in a major city. The next you’re having game night interrupted to kill a coon… 
That’s all folks! 
Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Why are my allergies worse when I sit down?
Challenge of the Day: Explain something to someone else.
Photo of the Day: 

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