Day 82: Life (lack of) Update

I guess Day 82 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload is as good as a time as any to provide a bit of a life update.
Not that there is that much to update y’all on, but considering the minimalist nature of the last 13ish posts, since I have the time, I’ll make an effort to write at least a little bit more.
Let’s see, where to begin.
First off: yes, I am still unemployed.
Honestly, for the past two weeks, unemployment has felt a whole lot like vacation. For the first time since Christmas, I had the opportunity to go home and spend time with family.  Initially, I had only planned on staying a week.  However, a week morphed into, well, not quite 2 weeks, but well over a week.
What is there to do in the middle of nowhere midwest, you may ask?
For me, the last two weeks have been filled with helping on the family farm, playing games, watching movies, tormenting my little brother, going on walks and bike rides, playing with kittens, swimming in my cousins’ pond, cooking/baking most of the meals for the family (including grilling), and generally just enjoying the company of the loved ones that I was able to see.
And taking naps 🙂
Upon returning to the South, I admittedly have not been searching exceptionally hard for optometric related employment opportunities.  Rather, I have been enjoying having the freedom to blog and mess with music.
With that in mind, this morning I enjoyed writing, recording, and editing a piano arrangement (For the Beauty) – it’s still not perfect, but I’m content enough to share a rough copy. After spending a little bit of time outside, I then got to work blogging, adding a post to my personal optometric blog (Hannah Vollmer, OD), and working on several others.  To get off my screen for a bit, I went back to the piano to work on a medley and come up potential themes for a new song (neither of those am I going to link presently), before coming back to my computer to write out this post.
Now for a workout, fresh air, or both!
Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: How hard is it to make a living as a freelancer writer?
Challenge of the Day: Create something!
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