Day 85: The Sprint Within the Marathon

Day 85 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.
Pep talk, Hannah.
Only 15 more days to go.
You can do this.
Some days I pretend to be a runner.
Which, in the grand scheme of things, is pretty irrelevant, but stay with me.
Throughout high school, I was a sprinter.
And though I’ve tried to branch into distance running, with a year of cross country, some random 5ks, a training-less half, and a spontaneous 10 miler, sprints (or some slower grown-up version of them because I never actually take the time to stretch to not pull a hamstring..) are still my favorite.
They’re exhausting, but they’re short.
They’re fast.
And, thank God, you can see the finish line when you start.
Yes, I like running life as a sprint.
But this morning in my quiet time, I was reminded that life is really more of a marathon.
And to be successful, we really have to run each day as a sprint within a marathon – caring both about the moment, for that is all we truly have, while pacing ourselves for eternity.
If I’m honest, I struggle with this in more ways than one.
For much of my life, despite my energy and enthusiasm, I have been indifferent to my life itself, figuring that the long game didn’t really matter because I would likely not make there anyway.  As such, few things in my life have consistency.
Because sprints don’t last forever.
At this point, I don’t have a good answer as to how to change this mindset.  However, as the old adage goes, to change, you first must admit that you have a problem.
Here’s to the first steps of a journey to forever.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: Which describes you more?  A sprinter? Or a distance runner?
Challenge of the Day: Make up your mind to do something consistently.
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