Day 86: Filtered

Day 86 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload… what should we talk about today?
There are probably a number of intriguing topics that I could pose, or attempted witty quips that I could share, however the first need more thorough analysis, and the second should be stifled on a matter of taste.
Which I guess is where the conversation will go.
I never intended to be a leader, or really ever do anything that would get me seen in any way shape or form.
Sure, as a kid I dreamed for a moment of being famous, but that dream lasted only as long as it took me to realize that with fame comes public invasion of all things private, to which my introverted self said “no way”.
And then I became a doctor.
Which sounds all well and good.
Minus the fact that it now matters what I do (and do not) say – at least in any way that could gain public attention.
This concept of branding and image was first introduced to us in the early days of optometry school.  One of the members of the creative team at the university came in and talked to us about our online presence, and the importance of personal branding.
At the time, I honestly thought the idea was a bit much.  Sure, I would go through Facebook and make some settings more private, and pay attention to the photos that I was tagged in, but otherwise?  I strive for authenticity.  What need was there to filter?
Through the years, however, I’ve begun to understand the wisdom behind the lecture that day.
And so, I’m (slowly) learning to filter.
To learn when to speak, and when to hold my tongue.
It can be frustrating, particularly when I think I have a witty comment that may get a few laughs, but I think it’s worth it.
Here’s to keeping peace.
‘Til tomorrow,

Project of the Day: (Because I FINALLY got the vocals to sync better. Now just have to figure out how to efficiently combine vocals with midi!)
Song of the Day: Learning to Be Silent
Question of the Day: Have you seen the comet?!
Challenge of the Day: Hold your tongue
Photo of the Day:

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