Day 89: Schedule

On this 89th day of #100DaysofHannah and #100daystooffload, I don’t really have much of anything to say, so I guess I’ll talk about the pattern of productivity that I’ve noticed in this past week. 

I’ve said repeatedly how fond I am of mornings. It should come as no surprise then that this is normally one of my most productive times. From around 7:30 or 8 to noonish, I feel like I often stay busy – be it working with music or blogging. Let’s be real, that’s most of all I do for now.
From there I hit a bit of a lull. Maybe its because I try to intermittent fast on a daily basis, having most food consumed by between 3 and 4, or maybe my brain just wants a break. In any case, if I’m going to want distractions, its often during this time.
After 4, the day generally picks back up. With fewer hours left in the day, I feel an increased motivation to be productive, which carries me until a sufficient time in the evening when I can call family to catch up on life before finishing a few remaining projects and hitting the hay.
Which I think I’ll do before long. 
Til tomorrow, 
Question of the Day: Do you have times of the day when you work best?
Challenge of the Day: (try to) be patient!
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