Day 97: Enneagram?

After yesterday’s late night post, I was going to blog early for Day 97 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.
Obviously that didn’t happen.
Today, I had what I would almost deem as impressive lack of motivation. 
After sleeping in and having to take care of a housing related task soon after waking up, my schedule has been off all day. Add to that high distractability and increased cravings secondary to being tired, it’s no wonder very little was actually accomplished. 
I know I’m not the only one who does it, but it’s crazy how easy it is to value the day by its accomplishments.
But in doing so, I know I tend to brush aside the little things.
Though, today I’m honestly not even sure what little things were done..
Oh well. 
In other news, I’m normally a big MBTI fan, but the other day I re-assessed my enneagram.
Every time, I test as a 9, with supposedly 98% correspondence.
Guys, I don’t buy it. By all external measures, I would argue that I’m clearly a 7.
But the test always says differently. 
Would anyone care to explain this discrepancy? 
Til tomorrow, 
Question of the Day: MBTI or Enneagram?
Challenge of the Day: Do more than I did. It won’t take much

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