Day 4: Strength

Happy Monday, y’all, and Day 4 of Another 100 Days of Hannah!
Full disclosure?
I almost forgot about blogging this evening.  Oops.
Apparently, when I thought, “oh yeah, I should do this blogging thing again,” I completely forgot about the fact that last time I blogged for 100 days straight was during the COVID lockdown – which meant that I had loads of free-time, despite technically working full-time.
This time, however, I’m actually working full-time, which means I get to figure out how to fit a daily blogging habit into my work/life schedule.  We’ll see how it goes!
In any case… on to today’s post!
Do y’all ever wake up just feeling… well, weak?
Like you’re completely exhausted and it takes all your willpower to get out of bed?
Admittedly, that was approximately how I felt this morning.
I was tired.
I felt weak.
And, despite it being only a few minutes after 5a, I was somehow already running late.
All of which felt problematic, considering today was a “drive two hours each way across the state to see patients” day.
*Aside: For those of you who know me, or who have read my blogs before, you’ll know that 1) mornings are my absolute favorite time of day, so that being exhausted when I get up is an exception, not the rule, and 2) that I am mildly obsessed with working out, which makes it hard for me to prioritize anything over exercise.
I knew something had to give in my morning routine – I couldn’t spend 15 minutes journaling/in the word, plus work out, do yoga, and still be showered, breakfasted, and out the door by 6:30.  My brain wouldn’t let me skip the workout(s), so I read a quick scripture and went downstairs to run.
As I turned on the treadmill, I whispered my heart’s cry of the day to the Father – God, give me strength.  Whatever may come today, God, just give me strength.
I wish I could say that I immediately noticed a change.
I didn’t.
I still felt weak.
I still felt exhausted.
I still wanted to crawl back in bed and give up on the day and try again tomorrow.

But I kept repeating this simple prayer – as I ate my breakfast, as I started driving, as I wound my way across the state.

God, just, give me strength.
About an hour into my drive, something changed, and, in that moment, I knew that God was with me.  That in my weakness, He was strong.  That He would provide.
That’s not to say that the day went on without a hitch.
I felt like passing out almost the entire time that I was seeing patients, and ended the work day with a massive headache.
But yet He was there.
I don’t have a lot of answers or inspiration, or, well, anything tonight, but, I am grateful.
I am grateful for a Father who hears and answers – even the small whispered prayers from a tired little heart.
I am grateful that, regardless of how often I forget and try to rely on my own strength, that it’s not about my abilities – it never has been.  It’s simply about His goodness.
And I’m grateful for the one who promises to walk beside us every step of the way – through the fire, through the storm, and everywhere in between.
May you find that His strength is enough for you today!
‘Til tomorrow,
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