Day 6: In the Moment

Happy (I think today is) Wednesday, and Day 6 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
(And Day 2 of my blogging before work non-series?)
First things first, I realized as I slid on my blue-blockers to write this post that I have apparently reached the point in the PPE work week where my ears hurt to be touched. Anyone have suggestions for preventing the PPE pain? I’m wearing an earsaver (I think that’s what it’s called?) and using a bobby pin to keep it high enough on my head so that the straps don’t fall on my ears, but somewhere something is still not working.
Okay, now, onto the actual post.
Do y’all like working?
Like, really?  Do you actually like your jobs?
I feel like, in general, I like my job.  Yet, I still find myself classifying my day as: before work, work, and after work.
Before work, it’s easy for my mind to go to how I want the day to go… and, honestly, everything that could go wrong.
During work, I’m generally just trying to get done.  Well, sort of.  I take the time necessary with each patient, but as the clock ticks past noon, and I begin to get hungry, and ridiculously sweaty, and a bit tired, I’ll be honest, I’m just ready to head home.
After work, there’s the charting, and then looking ahead to the following day.
And, even though I work incredible hours, it begins to feel like all I do is work, and that there is no time in my day for anything else.
Anyone else?
As I began pondering this last evening after a longer, moderately stressful day, I began to realize the problem.
It’s not that my day has too few of hours, or that I work too many.
It’s more that I’ve managed to return to the scarcity mindset that has impacted my life so often before, stealing my present, leaving me greedily longing for something that I already have: time.
Friends (can I call y’all that?), it’s true, we are not guaranteed our days, but the one thing we do have is this moment.
And you know what?
This moment – the present – is powerful.
For in this moment and every moment, we have a choice.
We can chose how we are going to respond.
We can chose what we focus on.
We can chose how to spend our time.
We can even chose who we are.
This idea of the moment reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium:
Thirty-seven seconds.  Great, well done; now we wait.
No, we breathe, we pulse, we regenerate.  Our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest.  Thirty-seven seconds well [spent] is a lifetime. 
Think about it.
This is our beautiful reality, every single moment of every single day.
Each moment, stitched together in a seamless array is creating the fabric of your life.
How do you want to spend it?
To tie everything back to the main point, y’all, God is in our moments.
He has promised to be with us always.
Even when we don’t see Him.
Even when we don’t feel Him.
He has promised to be there.
And you know what?
God always keeps His promises.
I don’t know about you, but being reminded that He is with me helps me to find joy in each moment.
Rather than running head first into the world screaming, “YOLO”,  I am freed to enjoy each day, each moment, as it comes, trusting the goodness and grace of a glorious Father who delights to walk beside His children every step of the way.
May you find the Father’s joy in your moments today and every day.
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