Day 11: Perspective

Happy (late) Day 11 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
So, admittedly, I was going to write about something completely different, but changed (honestly after writing half a post) thanks to an awesome new experience.
First things first: how many of you guys like to fly? 
While sometimes I can have mild-moderate anxiety associated with flying, as a whole, I love it.
Yes, there’s the time saving aspect, and the adventure of it all, but you know what my favorite part of flying is?

The perspective.

When I fly, it’s like the world all makes sense.  In taking a step back, or in this case, a flight up, I see everything in a whole new light.

Tonight I got to experience that new light in a brand new way.

When we boarded the plane in Atlanta, it was dark.
Like, midnight dark, out.
The rain was coming down.
The clouds were hanging heavy.
It was a mess.

After climbing for what felt like an eternity, however, in a moment, everything changed.

The skies were clear.
The clouds hung like a blanket, shielding the ground below.
And along the horizon?  There was one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen.

As we continued to climb, in a beautiful array, the sunset seemed to reverse – like we had flipped a switch and now time was running backward.

The sky became lighter.
The colors, more vivid.
The beauty more breath-taking.

And, somehow, what is so often a brief moment in time on the ground, has stretched on and on.

As I watched it, I began to think about perspective.

How often do we get lost in the dark?
How often are we stuck on the ground in the clouds and the rain – so overwhelmed by the dismal gray that surrounds that we forget of the beauty that lies above?

Y’all, this is not the life we were called to.

In scripture (Ephesians 2:6), we’re reminded that, as children of God, we are seated in heavenly places.
We are called to rise and live above our circumstances.

When we are seated in heavenly places, we no longer have to see the world from the world’s perspective.  Rather, we are called to view it through God’s

I’ll admit – I struggle with this.
It’s a lot easier to look around, rather than to look up.
It’s a lot easier to look in than to look up.
It’s a lot easier to look down than to look up.
And, as I look to all these alternative perspectives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by my surroundings and my personal inability to escape them.

But that is when the Father calls us back.
He reminds us of where we are seated.
He reminds us that we are not alone.
And he slowly and gently reveals his glorious plan and perspective to us.
Simply because he loves us.

‘Til tomorrow,


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