Day 12: Irritated

Happy Day 12 of Another 11 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Is it just me, or does it feel like I just wrote a post?
Maybe that’s yesterday’s delayed posting talking.
Y’all, I’m irritated today.
Maybe it’s having someone else in my space for the last 3 days.
Maybe it’s still trying to catch up on sleep from my recent travels.
Maybe it’s being off of my normal daily schedule.
Maybe it’s hormones.
Maybe it’s changing my diet for a couple of days.
Regardless of what it is, it’s really easy for me to be frustrated by, well, other people existing today.
Anyone else?
Honestly, it’s days like these that make me the most hesitant to ever even want to share my life with someone.
I mean, no one deserves me being upset for literally no reason.
And if I struggle so much to work through my own emotions, how in the world do I ever think I’d be able to deal with those of a spouse or children?
If I’m honest, that’s probably been my holdup on life for a quite a while.
As a nine, I dislike conflict.
I hate feeling conflicted in myself.
I hate feeling upset with anyone about anything.
And I honestly don’t know how to constructively process it.
So, I try to avoid people or situations that may involve conflict.
Which is… most of them.
I guess this morning’s devotion was fitting for these thoughts though.
Today’s reading started by describing Jesus as the Prince of Peace, as told in Isaiah 9:6.  However, it went on to Matthew 21:12-13 where Jesus cleansed the temple, Luke 9:51-56 where Jesus simply turns away from the Samaritan village that refused Him, and finally Luke 20:1-8 when the Jesus chooses not to answer the chief priests and scribes who were trying to trap Him in His own words.
In these examples, Jesus honestly didn’t fit my typical example of peace.  On the contrary, He seemed to be in some form of conflict in all the passages.  But yet, He is named the Prince of Peace.
How can this be? How is Christ the Prince of Peace in the midst of constant conflict?
As always, I think it comes back to the kind of peace that comes from God.  This peace – shalom – is a healing wholeness, rather than the peace of circumstance and muted emotions.
So where does that leave us?
  • At the feet of a gracious Father who knows our weaknesses.
  • In the arms of our Savior, who doesn’t turn us away in our anger, irritation, and frustration.
  • Beside the Friend who sticks closer than a brother – even though we can never deserve it.
  • Listening to the voice of our Rabbi, who delights to teach us His ways.
  • And resting in the peace that passes all understanding.
Til tomorrow,
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