Day 16: Seasons

Happy Saturday, y’all!
Considering I’m starting this post at something like 2:20p, I guess it’s safe to say today’s a late post day, thanks to my body actively boycotting any plans that I had for being productive today.
Which means I have spent most of the day lying in bed, watching New Girl, and praying for my (OTC) painkillers to kick in so that I can function enough to eat.
And close my exercise rings.
In any case, here we are.
What to say…
In my 100 Days of Hannah blog, I remember one post in which I made the comment, sleep is easy, rest is hard.
As I think about today and how little I’ve accomplished, it’s easy to contemplate rest.
I’m still really bad at resting.
I struggle with taking time to just be still.
I feel guilty when I don’t feel like I’ve done anything measurable with my day.
I have a hard time listening to my body and giving it what it needs.
Because it feels like I should always just be able to go – full speed ahead, without ever being affected by, well, anything.
Obviously it doesn’t work that way.
In one of my many rants to my father about being unable to just keep pushing my body, he told me a life lesson that I hope to never forget:
Life is full of cycles and seasons. Everything changes.  Nothing is permanent.  Some days will be winter – cold, dark and dreary.  Others will be spring, with new life and new beginnings everywhere you look.  Some days will be summer – with its endless energy and vibrant growth.  Other days will be fall – a time of endings and loss.  Fighting nature, fighting the seasons, does nothing to stop their change – it just takes your joy in the moment.  Learn to embrace each day, each moment, each season, and you will find peace and joy in all that you do.
(Okay, so I made this wayyy more flowery than my dad actually said it.  For any of you who know him, he is a man of (very) few, albeit well-timed, words.)
Admittedly, I’ve fought the change of the seasons my whole life.  As a kid growing up in the Midwest, I was the oddball who loved heat and summer.  Spring was okay, fall was bleh, and winter? I hated winter… Because what is there to love about 3-5 months straight where you might see the sun a total of 10 times?
After moving back to the Midwest recently after living in the south for… 2ish+ years, I’m learning to take my dad’s lesson to heart.  Yes, I get tired of the seemingly endless gray skies (though we did see the sun TWICE this week!), but I don’t have to fight them – wishing constantly for warmer weather or brighter days.  I can learn to be grateful for the small things – like a foggy snowy morning, a glimpse of lighter skies, days without wind, time with family and friends – that each new season brings.
With this in mind, today, I’m learning to be grateful for time to rest.
To be grateful for a body that is able to do so much so often.
To be grateful for a bed and blankets to stay in and curl up under when I don’t feel well enough to be up and about.
To be grateful for life – and another day to learn to find my peace in Christ, rather than my circumstances or my feelings.
What are you grateful for today?
‘Til tomorrow,
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