Day 23: Instruments

Happy Saturday and Day 23 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Admittedly, today’s post is being written early, even by my standards, as the clock has just clicked past 6a.
I told myself I was going to keep my routine the same this morning…
Obviously that hasn’t happened.
Oh well.
Do any of y’all get obsessed with a song and then listen to it on replay for… a really long time?
I definitely do.
My current obsession (thanks to borrowing one of my older brother’s playlists) is Symphony by Switch.
And while I’ll do my best to not ruin the entire song for y’all here and now, it’s lyrics have been too applicable to my present life to not share at least some of them.
    Sometimes it’s hard to breathe
    All these thoughts they shout at me
    Try to bring me to my knees
    And it’s overwhelming.
    Darkness echos all around
    Feels like everything is crashing down
    Still I know where my hope is found
    And it’s only You.
    Cause even in the madness, there is peace
    Drowning out the voices all around me
    Through all of this chaos, you are writing a symphony.
    Tune my heart to Your beat
    Let me be your melody
    Even when I cannot see
    But you orchestrate it
    I wanna truly know if you compose beautiful music though
    From all my unruly notes
    The distance is dissonance – move in close
    But a melody is made when you play these rusty keys
*Phew – I stopped before I shared the entire song!*
As a dabbling musician, I love the imagery portrayed here.
A melody is made when you play these rusty keys.
Instruments, by themselves, are, well, worth little.
Without someone to play an instrument, they function as little more than doorstops or decorations.
However, in the hands of a master, they take on a beauty of their own as they begin to sing.
Y’all.  We are the instruments of Christ.
He is the composer.
He is the conductor.
He is the masterful musician.
In music, especially unfamiliar music, with intentional dissonances at a time when you’re playing a counter melody, it can be very hard to see the direction of the piece – to understand the goal and vision of the composer.  (At least if you’re an amateur like me.)
But that does not mean that your note is without purpose and direction.
It simply means that you don’t have the perspective to be able to understand it in the moment.
And so it is with life.
In the moment, it is easy to see only the moment – only the dissonance and discomfort.
Yet we are called to trust in the one who holds each moment in His hands, for He has promised that:
all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Will you trust the composer today?

‘Til tomorrow,


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