Day 24: Heart

Happy Sunday, y’all!

This post brought to you courtesy of an adorable semi-puppy (he’s over one now) who happens to be sleeping beside me.
Now…what to blog about?
Do y’all ever think about the significance of the music that you wake up with in your head?
As I rarely wake up with a song in my head, maybe I put more thought into it than I should, but, for me anyway, waking up with a song on repeat in my mind gives me an insight into the meditation of my heart.
This morning, I woke up with the words the following words  to Extravagant by Bethel Music/Steffany Gretzinger going through my head.
Here is all my love – it’s yours, no conditions.
When you pull me close, no I won’t resist it.
Giving and accepting love has admittedly always been difficult for me.
As someone who fears the pain of rejection and loss, it has always felt easier to keep most people out of my life than to let them in.
After all, where is grief without first having loved?
And so, the love that I give is often marred by my own selfish insecurities, reaching only as far as my safety will permit.
Accepting love has similarly been difficult.
So often, I am reminded of my own weaknesses, faults, and failures, and in shame deem myself unworthy of love, believing that if only others knew the depths of my imperfection, they would revoke their love.
When countered with the enduring, unconditional, sacrificial love of the Father, it would, logically, seem simple to cast these tendencies aside, freely giving and whole-heartedly accepting the purest of loves
Yet the struggles remain.
I find it hard to give my heart, my love, fully to the Savior.
I push back on the gracious gift of love, freely bestowed by the Father.
But yet His gift remains.
When we don’t want it.
When we don’t accept it.
When we don’t return it.
Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful.
And it is that faithfulness – that unending, unrelenting, undeserved love – that captivates hearts.
That changes lives.
And that, hopefully one day, allows us to say:
Here is all my love, it’s yours – no conditions.
When you pull me close, no, I won’t resist it.

Til tomorrow,

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