Day 26: To-Do List

Happy Day 26 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Today was insane.
Or, at least it sort of felt like it.
It’s currently 8:43p, and I really haven’t had any downtime since I woke up at 4:30a this morning.
As today was the first day of my work week, it was long drive day – which happened to be complicated by freezing rain/fog and messy roads.  Though I normally try to get to the facilities by 8:30ish, today I arrived after 9, and wasn’t able to get set up until 9:30.
With 14 patients on the schedule.
I ended up seeing 11 of them, during which time I was cussed out for at least 45 minutes, punched in the chest, screamed at, and nearly bitten, all while doing an, essentially, aerobic workout to try to get internal views of eyes on patients who refuse to open their eyes with lights on, or with anything near their faces.
Oh yeah – six of the residents also needed new glasses, so, between screaming, cussing, and fighting, we (the patient and I) got those picked out too.
By the time I packed up and left, it was 3p, which meant that I didn’t get home until 5p, and didn’t finish charting until 7p.
But, for anyone who’s curious, yes, I did get a workout in AND made time to practice organ.
Now to just finish this blog, respond to emails/texts that I’ve neglected all day (sorry if yours is in that long list), wash dishes, put my ice vest in the freezer, and head to bed in time to try it all again tomorrow.
‘Til then,
PS: I did actually sort of follow my boundaries today for anyone who’s keeping track though!  Despite the fact that I was terrified of the facility thinking that I was a bad doctor, when I finished with a patient at 2:15, I made the decision to call it quits for the day and start packing up.  Granted, I was afraid to barge in on my contact who was talking to a resident, so I stood outside the door doing nothing for 10+ minutes while they shot the breeze, but hey – little steps!!
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