Day 28: Brain Dump

As much as I love alternating four day weeks, I’ve gotta tell you – they really mess me up when it comes to knowing what day it is.  Somehow every day just sort of morphs into a blob of Tuesday’s that are actually Wednesday’s or Thursday’s.
In any case, I think this morning’s post will be a little shorter… mainly because I actually washed my hair today, which somehow always takes more time than I anticipate.
Let’s go.
So, this morning when I woke up, I was completely exhausted.  My automatic lights (they’re incredible.  If you don’t use almost all automatic lights on timers, you’re really missing out.) turned on in the middle of a dream, which left me a lot groggier than most mornings.  Plus, apparently later bedtimes and harder workouts actually take a toll on your body.
Who knew?
After finishing my devotions and completing a little bit of journaling, I decided to do a brain dump.
For any of you who are unfamiliar with the practice, it involves writing down all of the things bouncing around in your head (especially things that need done), and then, if you have time, prioritizing them.
As someone who tries to keep most everything in her head (hello twelve full charts at the end of the day!), brain dumps are a must for me, as they allow me to clear my head enough to focus on the day ahead. (Though, admittedly, I rarely take/make the time to actually prioritize the list.)
This morning’s brain dump was no different.  After I wrote out the list of seemingly pressing tasks, I suddenly had more energy.  Rather than wanting to curl back up in bed, I felt ready to start my day.
Definite win.
‘Til tomorrow,
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