Day 33: Mindful

Happy Day 33 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
I’m going to attempt to make this a short post since I need to be on the road in about 20 minutes, so let’s get started.
Y’all, I’m super distracted today.
Like, it feels like my brain’s running 100 miles a minute, but not with useful, thoughts that help me understand life and myself better, but more just repeated thoughts.
Like I’m a mouse stuck on a spinning wheel that I can’t seem to get to slow down.
Recently, I’ve been encouraged to work more on being mindful.
Admittedly, being mindful feels really hard when my mind doesn’t want to slow down – doesn’t want to be present – enjoys its distractions.
But, as I struggle with this, I’m reminded of something I was told recently regarding mindfulness:
Being mindful isn’t about feeling relaxed or peaceful.  It’s simply about taking a step back and being aware, and then allowing thoughts and feelings to stay or pass as they choose.
Realizing that my thoughts don’t define me.
Rather, it’s understanding that thoughts and feelings will come, whether I want them to or not, and it is my choice of how I deal with them – whether I hold onto them, and thus amplify their presence, fight them (and also amplify their presence), or simply acknowledge them and move on.
And so, in the remaining few minutes before I leave, I think I’m going to take a mindfulness break – a couple of minutes to be aware of my surroundings.  To be aware of my thoughts.  And to simply breathe.
Hopefully you will too.
Until tomorrow,
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