Day 34: Yogurt.

Happy… Wednesday and Day 34 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
I’m out of yogurt.
Which, maybe to some would feel like not that big of a deal.
But, as y’all know, I’m a creature of habit.
I eat the same foods for breakfast every day that I’m able (2 fried eggs on toast with 3 large spoonfuls of Fage 5% yogurt, drizzled with honey and doused with cinnamon) – largely because I have a pretty good idea how it will react with my body.
But this morning, I realized that we are completely out of yogurt.
And that we have no yogurt-like substitutes.
I’m not entirely sure what to do.
“Eat something else,” would probably be the normal response.
But it’s hard to eat something else when my body reacts negatively to so many foods.
Nuts or nut butter? I’ll be dizzy, shaky, and have bad brain fog.
Oatmeal? It upsets my stomach.
Cheese? Worsens the shakiness.
So, right now, I’m debating between eating a second round of eggs and going without any more food and hoping that I can last til lunch at 2:30 or 3.  (Or before if no patients want to see me.  We can hope, right?)
In any case, that’s not what I was planning on blogging about this morning.
Rather, I had intended on somewhat continuing the conversation on mindfulness, so, since I’ve still got some time (hooray for late mornings!) I think I will.
As I’ve mentioned many times before (like, every other post?), I struggle with emotions.
Recently though, I’ve been encouraged by several different people in several different ways to learn how to work with my emotions.
And the first step to doing that?
Naming them.
Y’all.  I’m shocked at how much power there is in simply acknowledging what I feel – putting a word to it.
To be able to say (generally to myself): I feel/felt angry.
I feel/felt ashamed.
I feel/felt exhausted.
I feel/felt jealous.
I feel/felt insecure.
Even in the little things like gut reactions to being out of yogurt (concerned), having a patient unexpectedly being added to the schedule (irritated), or finishing patient care early (elated), this practice gives me a better understanding of what’s going on on the inside.
And the best part?  Once I’m more aware of what I’m feeling, it’s a lot easier to come to the throne of grace and say, ‘God, here’s my heart – with all of it’s anger and frustration, fear and worry, shame and jealousy, love and joy.  It’s yours.’  And to trust Him to guide me – feelings and all – in the paths that would glorify Him.

‘Til tomorrow,
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