Day 36: Random

Happy Friday, y’all!
First things first: was I supposed to be at work today?
Yes, sort of… maybe?
After cancelling Monday’s visit, I had planned to reschedule my trip across the state for today to keep from using any vacation days and to be as flexible as possible with facilities.
However, SURPRISE! 
We got snow again.
With 25+ mph winds.
And crappy roads that would’ve made my 2 hour drive 3+ hours… if I made it safely.
And so, rather than spending 6 hours on the road for a few hours of patient care, here I am again.
Instead of hitting the road.
However, this morning, it proved perfect, as I just got off the phone from catching up with a close friend (cousin? Almost cousin?) who lives in London while she was on a quick lunch break.
Great times.
Now if we could just be back together going on random hiking adventures.  Hopefully soon!
In any case… I don’t really know what to blog about today.
So, for today, I might just let it go at that.
‘Til tomorrow,
Want to read more?  Here’s a link to my Day 36 post from 100 Days of Hannah.  Click the link to check it out!(PS: This is another personal favorite. Or, at least it’s a good descriptor of my awkward introvertedness.  Enjoy!)
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