Day 41: Mustard Seed

Happy Wednesday and Day 41 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Well, I guess it’s time to blog again!
First things first: I’m crazy pumped to only have a 15 minute drive to work this morning – even if I do have another 2 hour drive back home tonight.  Regardless, it feels pretty awesome to have a little more freedom in my morning routine.
Even though, let’s be real, I’m trying to keep it mostly the same.
I know I’ve talked about schedules and routines before, so I won’t really dive into that today, but let me be (probably not) the first to tell you that there’s something very powerful about having a routine for the day.
Which reminds me of a post that I read this weekend from a fellow nine, who was expressing how difficult she finds it to do really anything on the weekends.
Anyone else relate to this?
I know I tend to be terribly unproductive if I don’t keep myself on a schedule and give myself goals for the day.
It’s so easy for me to just want to nap, or binge, or scroll – all things that encourage me to disconnect from the moment.
And so, I try to maintain some form of consistency in my days.
Recently, the biggest change to my routine has been adding a time for journaling every evening before bed.
When I’m home, I sit down at the table with a candle, my journal, a devotional, my bible, and a hot cup of Dream (which is a Beam hot chocolate like powder with CBD and melatonin to encourage a more restful night’s sleep.  If you’re interested in trying it, or any of the other Beam products, contact me and I’ll send you a code for $20 off your first order.  Also, there’s been a deal recently where healthcare providers get 50% off their entire cart… so, check it out!) and enjoy having a few minutes (or more like 30) of down time to think and relax before heading to bed. It’s been beautiful!
I don’t really know where I’m going with this.
Except to say that I feel like a lot of life is built in consistency – in the little practices that seem so insignificant, that take place behind the scenes, but build the foundation and framework for everything in life.
And so it is with faith.
Faith so often seems so small.
It takes place behind the scenes in the quiet of our hearts.
It’s seen in the little moments – when we say yes to what God is calling us to do time and time again, be it moments of thankfulness and praise, the cries of repentance, the pain of submission.
Yes, faith so often feels insignificant.
But then we are reminded of Christ’s words in Matthew 17, where we are promised that if we simply have faith the size of a mustard seed, we will move mountains.
A mustard seed.
Y’all, God doesn’t ask for a 5 gallons of good works.
He doesn’t ask for a pound of perfection.
All He asks is for a mustard seed of faith at the price of our hardest hearts.
And so, as I let you go for another day, my only question is this: what mustard seed is the Father calling you to give today?
‘Til tomorrow,
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