Day 42: Growth

Happy Thursday and Day 42 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
First things first (actually, I’ve got like 5 things…): It’s 6:49a and I’m already seeing the beginnings of a sunrise, which is super exciting.
Second: I just went into the kitchen to get my bluelight glasses THREE TIMES before actually remembering why I went in there and picking them up.
Third: I bought a new cinnamon tea this week, and I’m admittedly sorely disappointed in the flavor.  I saw that it was a black tea, but I really just thought that there would be more cinnamon and less…black tea.  C’est la vie.
Fourth: I tried this new argan hair oil this morning that I got in my single swag box yesterday (yes, I get a single swag box – don’t judge.  That’s where I get half of my presents for the women in my life and essentially all of my makeup/beauty products, because, let’s be real, the makers of the box probably have wayyy more of an idea how these things are supposed to work than I do.  Also, for the presents, I don’t feel like it’s really cheating/re-gifting.  I mean, I’m paying for the subscription, so it’s really just like buying a gift that was on sale…right?). In any case, I’m not entirely sure what I think of it.  My hair feels more wild than it’s normal unruly self.  We’ll see.
Fifth: I think I’m going to start sharing/highlighting the pages of other people that I follow and appreciate the perspectives of.  So, first up is Austin Gentry.  He’s a random guy that I met Thanksgiving 2019 at the airport after a flight back from Charlotte (and bonded over the fact that he is best friends with a guy that graduated from OSU optometry a few years before I did).  Turns out, he’s also a pastor and an author.  And, while I never spoke to him in person again (I never made it over to the church when I lived in Houston), I subscribed to his blog/emails, and so now get weekly posts/thoughts from him – which are really good.  Click the link here to check him out!
Okay, I think that’s all my morning updates, so let’s get started with the actual blog!
On Day 18, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Quit”, in which I was talking about how so often in life it can feel like I’m running in circles, never truly making any progress.  As I pondered this more over the last several days/weeks, I realized that, while yes, it may feel as if we’re frequently just spinning, the reality is often quite different.  But, give me a moment to get to that point.
Admittedly, I am someone who strives to only ever have to be told or taught something once.  Whether that’s learning a random fact in school, having a conversation with someone, or being taught how to use a machine or tool, I want to absorb all of the information the first time through.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t normally work this way, which is where my frustration so often lies.
However, I’m beginning to realize that every lesson, be it in life, in school, or in work, has thousands of applications.  And so, no matter how much sinks in the first time, there is always room for greater understanding.
With this in mind, it honestly becomes a lot easier to give myself grace.
Rather than viewing each new application as a failure of my initial understanding, I can see it as simply an opportunity for a deeper knowledge, and I can begin to find beauty in the pains of growth.
Hopefully you can too.
‘Til tomorrow,
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