Day 48: Lent

Happy Day 48 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Is it just me, or does today really feel like a Thursday?
Maybe that’s yesterday’s day off speaking.
Who knows.
In any case, today is just Wednesday.
Well, Ash Wednesday to be specific.
Oops… I completely forgot about yesterday being Fat Tuesday and therefore neglected to eat copious amounts of sugar to prepare myself for the upcoming fast.
This year, I’ve begun to realize how much I love lent.
Sounds weird, right?
I mean, why would anyone actually enjoy a time of fasting?
Why would anyone enjoy focusing on the suffering of our Savior, leading up to His death?
Well, first off, because I’m a sucker for melancholy music… which is the lenten season in a nutshell.  I’ve been preparing music for lenten services for almost a month now and can’t wait for the services to begin!  (Minus the fact that they’re at 7:30p and half the time I’m ready to crawl in bed by then, which is less conducive for playing an instrument that requires my hands, eyes, and feet to be perfectly in sync.  Oh well…)
Oh yeah, another side note.  For those of you who follow my music making – I’ve been working on an arrangement of one of my favorite lenten hymns for like a month now, and I’m so excited to be able to share it soon… now that the season is actually upon us!
Okay, fine, maybe that’s most of the reason why I love lent.
In past years, admittedly, lent felt a bit like a chore.
Why did I need to give something up?
Why did we have to have extra services at church?
This year though, something feels different.
I’m excited for the opportunity to fast from something – even if I haven’t figured out what that will be yet – just for the opportunity to spend more time with Him, rather than to simply test my willpower (which is weak for anyone who was wondering).
I’m excited for a specific season to focus on the great love that the Father has for us – so great that He would send His only Son to walk this earth, to feel our pain, and to ultimately die for us, just to redeem and restore a relationship that we broke.
And, let’s be real, I’m excited for fish.
Not that I’ll probably be attending a fish fry, but you know, it’s the thought.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for instilling a love of fried fish on Fridays in this crazy kid.
Since this morning is actually a work morning, I guess I’ll leave y’all with that!
Happy Wednesday!
‘Til tomorrow,
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