Day 49: Driving

Happy Thursday and Day 49 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Welcome to yet another episode of, “Is it safe for Hannah to drive to work in the snow this morning?”
If I’m honest, as I watch the cars go 35-40 mph down the nearest main roads and watch the highways and interstates turn orange and red on google maps, my instinct is that I really shouldn’t go to work today.
But, considering I was the one who requested this specific visit and I’ve already used one day of unpaid vacation/sick time this week for Tuesday’s visit, I’m having a really hard time listening to that gut instinct.
Note: With this job, I don’t get any paid vacation, sick days, anything.  You don’t go work? You don’t get paid. Pretty easy.
In any case, yeah… I guess that’s where I am today.  And since it’s after 7, I should probably get my decision figured out.  Tune in tomorrow to hear what I ended up doing… and if I made it out unscathed if I do head in.
‘Til then,

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