Day 55: Fear No More

Happy Wednesday and Day 55 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
This morning’s post is brought to you by… SHORTS AND A TANK TOP!
No, it’s not that warm out… though, yesterday’s high in the mid-40s definitely felt like summer after a couple weeks of highs in the teens.
Rather, I decided to test and see this morning if a 5 minute morning run helps with my symptoms throughout the day.
But that meant that I was warmer than normal this morning, and so, to decrease potential problems with heat intolerance later, I’m trying to stay cool as long as possible before I head to work.
Note: I already use minimal, if any, heat on my drive, often crack a window, and never drive in more than a simple scrub (t-shirt and pants) layer.  Balance is hard.
In any case… what to write about this Wednesday morning?
Recently, I discovered the song Fear No More by Building 429.  Admittedly, it’s quickly risen to the top of my current favorites list – mainly because it’s felt super applicable.
One of my favorite lyrics comes from the first verse:
Guess I lost my vision when the pain set in.
Y’all, how often does this feel true in life?
If you’re anything like me, it probably feels like when the hard, painful parts of life show up and it’s so easy to see only the pain and not God’s plan.
And, at least for me, this can be incredibly frustrating.
I mean, how can, what feels like, my whole relationship with God just fall apart in the middle of uncomfortable circumstances?
How can it go from feeling like I’m finally getting a grasp on this trust thing, to struggling to see anything but me?
But the song doesn’t end there.
Rather, as we begin the chorus, I find my heart echoing the artist’s words:

This isn’t what I’d choose, but it’s where I’m finding You.
When I’m broken and undone, Your mercy’s just begun.
You overcome my doubt – Your hands are reaching out.
You hold me through the storm…
And I will fear no more.
Y’all, so often, life isn’t what we’d choose.
I mean, if given the choice, would any of you actually say, ‘yeah, give me some more troubles. Make life harder. I’m ready!’
I… probably wouldn’t.
But the hard times? They’re simply another beautiful opportunity to fall into the loving arms of our Father.
To find rest in His embrace.
To find joy in His presence.
To find strength in His mercy.
To find peace in His faithfulness.
Because He is there.
He has been there.
And He will continue to be there.
Through every trial.
Through every storm.
And so, it is with confidence that we are freed to sing:
And I will fear no more.
‘Til tomorrow,
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