Day 56: Safe in My Father’s Arms

Happy Day 56 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
And, apparently, Thursday.
Which means it’s garbage day.
Which means I should be getting the garbage ready rather than blogging.
But, today’s a long(er) drive day, and tonight is a piano teaching night, and I don’t really want to wait to blog until this evening.
So, I guess we’ll just go with a short post this morning.
First things first: running before work yesterday did not, I repeat, DID NOT work.
Don’t do that again, Hannah.
Despite wearing shorts and a tank top until the last minute possible before leaving, I was dying all day, and had to change the ice in my vest, which I can normally push through and survive with for the entire time at the facility, after a mere two hours.
But, today’s a new day!
And I’ve been able to go through most of my morning routine without my yellow (ish orange) filtered glasses!
I’ll take any wins I can get.
This morning’s musical theme comes from Safe in My Father’s Arms by Sanctus Real.
Some of my favorite lyrics are:
There’s been highs, there’s been lows, but through it all, this I know – I am a child of the King.
Hallelujah, hallelujah – I’m safe in my Father’s arms.
As the clock says that I’m quickly running out of time, I guess I won’t write much more this morning… Praying though, that you all may find rest and safety in the Father’s arms as you go about your day today!
‘Til tomorrow,

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