Day 62: Rejoice

Happy Wednesday and Day 62 of Another Days of Hannah, y’all!
First things first: I’m late blogging today, so I’ll probably aim for a shorter post this morning.
What it’s going to be about?
Great question – not sure yet.
Because what’s the fun of blogging when you already know what you’re going to say?
Anyway… let’s dive right in.
In Phillipians 4:4, the apostle Paul admonishes us:
Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say it, rejoice!
This verse has been stuck in my head the last couple of days. 
Rejoice in the Lord always.

This is hard.
Like, really hard.
Because some days (or, most days), it’s hard for me to rejoice.
It’s hard for me to be thankful for hard situations.
It’s hard for me to see the goodness of God, rather than the trials of life.
It’s hard for me to see His faithfulness, rather than the hopelessness of this world.
I’ll say it again: it’s hard for me to rejoice.
But yet, I, we, are called to it all the same.
We are called to rejoice in everything.
To pray without ceasing.
But… why? You may ask.
Great question.
I honestly don’t have the answer.
Maybe what we think on has the power to literally change the neurochemical composition in our brains.
Maybe choosing to rejoice refocuses our mind on our Savior.
Maybe it’s a simple act of obedience that creates character in our souls.
I really don’t know.
All I know is that this is our calling, difficult though it may be.
And so, as you go about this Wednesday, whatever it may entail, may you find the strength in Christ to rejoice.
‘Til tomorrow,

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