Day 65: Comfortable

This late morning blog session brought to you by a morning of distractions. 
Happy Saturday, y’all!
Wow.  I’ve been super distracted this morning…definitely a ‘squirrel’ kind of day over here.
But, it’s been fun, so that’s okay.
This morning started out with getting hooked on and episode of CripesCast.
If y’all have never checked it out (and you’re from the Midwest), go give it a listen.
Charlie (Berens) is hilarious, and it’s just fun to listen to stories of his and his guests’ lives.
The episode that I caught this morning was with Zuri Hall, who is apparently from Toledo.  Who. Knew.  (Maybe everyone except me?) Small world.
From there, I jumped pretty quickly to breakfast.  In an effort to work on mindfulness,  I decided to take breakfast slow and pay close attention to each bite.
It was a really weird experience.
I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty sure I like food a lot less when I actually pay attention to all the details.
Like texture.
And food combinations.
And having the constant image in my head of the food being chewed.  (I mean, it’s sort of cool to realize the patterns of chewing that I have… but, still, weird.)
In short, I’m not sure if I’m going to do that again!
From there, I planned on being productive…
But, instead, I tried on some new clothes that I recently received from my cousin…
Which pretty much means that I spent the last 40 minutes modeling for myself in front of the mirror.
PS: Y’all.  Adult hand-me-downs are seriously the best thing ever.  Especially when the person you’re getting clothes from has wayyy better taste than you do!
It also means that I’m oddly dressed up for a Saturday morning, because I fell in love with one of the shirts and don’t really want to take it off… even though it’s probably completely impractical for…whatever I may be doing today. 
I’m not unhappy about it.
Because, some days, it’s really nice to just feel somewhat comfortable in my own skin… crazy hair, mild breakout, winter whiteness and all.
‘Til tomorrow,

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